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Love Yourself and Heal Your Life....

Love Yourself and Heal Your Life

Taken from: Louise Hay

If you want to change your life.....then you have to change the way you think!

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You have to change what you believe. You have to DO THE WORK.

When YOU change, all those around you will change in relation to you. In order to begin the change, you need to understand that this will require your thought process to change and some old beliefs to be released. It is only when we are willing to change our primary belief structures that we experience a true change in our lives.

Whatever your beliefs are about your yourself and the world, are ONLY THOUGHTS. And THOUGHTS....can be changed. Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe. If you choose to accept a limiting belief, then that will become your REALITY.

When we were children, we learned about ourselves, and about life from the reactions of the ADULTS around us. Most of us hold ideas and beliefs about OURSELVES that are NOT OUR OWN! If you lived with unhappy, frightened, guilty, angry or fearful people then you learned a lot of negative things about yourself and the world around you.

When we are adults, we have a tendency to seek out the same emotional environments we were familiar with in our early home life. (If we were overly criticized children, we will seek out these types of people in our grown life.)

DO NOT BLAME YOUR PARENTS! We are ALL victims of victims. They couldn't teach you things they didn’t know. If they didn’t know how to LOVE THEMSELVES, then they could never teach you how to love yourself.

All that we are ever dealing with is a THOUGHT. And....thoughts can be changed.

Your experiences are OUTER effects if INNER thoughts. Even “self-hatred” is a thought you have about yourself. The past has no power over us. We can change our attitude toward the past. We can change our THOUGHTS about the past. Why would we CHOOSE to punish ourselves in the in the PRESENT because someone hurt us so long ago?

The road to freedom is through forgiveness. We may not want to forgive! But if we are WILLING to forgive, we can begin the healing process. Forgiveness means letting go. We understand OUR PAIN so well, yet it is hard for most of us to understand the pain of those who treat us badly. The person we NEED to FORGIVE is also in pain. We also need to forgive ourselves! Loving the self is where ALL HEALING BEGINS! When we love, accept and approve of ourselves, everything in life begins to flow well.

Loving ourselves means not criticizing ourselves! Criticism locks us into the pattern we are trying to change. Most of us have been criticizing ourselves your YEARS...... HAS IT WORKED?

It is important to speak to YOURSELF in a kind and positive manner. Always make your statements in PRESENT TENSE. “I am”, or “I have” are powerful statements. Your subconscious mind is an obedient servant so if you declare things in the future tense, your mind will accept that it is “just out of your reach”.

Emotional problems are among the most painful of all. What we do with our feelings is important. The belief that we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH is often at the root of these problems. Good MENTAL HEALTH begins with loving ourselves. Completely. Part of self-acceptance is releasing other people's opinions.

Remember, feelings of inadequacy start with negative thoughts about ourselves. These thoughts have NO POWER over us unless we claim these thoughts as our TRUTHS. Thoughts are only words that are strung together..... They really have NO MEANING whatsoever. WE give them MEANING! We give them power by focusing on the negative thoughts and messages over and over in our minds. We believe the worst about ourselves. And we CHOOSE what kind of MEANING we will give them. Feeling “not good enough” interferes with our decision making.

Remind yourself when these negative thoughts and beliefs surface.... LOVE is the miracle we are all looking for. Loving ourselves is the beginning of change. The real issue is what we choose to BELEIVE about ourselves. We can change our health, our relationships, our financial status and so many other aspects of life by releasing old negative thoughts and beliefs.

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