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The Impact of Thoughts, Words and Intentions on Water

Updated: Feb 18

Water plays essential role in sustaining all life. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher spent majority of his life studying the influence of human emotions on the molecular structure of water. His work in the field of water crystal experiments has sparked both wonder and controversy.
Through his work, Dr. Emoto's experiments revealed that positive emotions, such as love, gratitude, and joy, had an amazing effect on the structure of water crystals. When water samples were exposed to these emotions, either by spoken or written word (and in some studies, through THOUGHT) intricate patterns were formed by freezing the water sample and analyzing it under a microscope.
Dr. Emoto's experiments also dove into the impact of negative emotions on water crystals. When water samples were exposed to emotions like anger, hate, and fear, the resulting crystal patterns were found to be distorted, jagged, and chaotic in appearance. This suggests that negative emotions impact the natural harmony of water molecules, and even further, the impact of these water molecules on the body.
Dr. Emoto's work conveys the power of intention and thought in influencing our water. He believed that the intentions and thoughts we direct towards water can directly shape its response and thereby it IMPACT on the body. By consciously infusing positive intentions and thoughts into water, by thinking it, writing it down or through spoken word, we have the potential to impact the molecular structure of water positively or negatively. This concept confirms the practice of blessing your food/drink. Across cultures and religions, water has been blessed or prayed upon, infusing it with positive energy. By utilizing the ‘power of prayer, we can actively contribute to the well-being of the water we consume daily.
We can begin by being mindful of the emotions we carry and the thoughts we project onto the water we consume. This impact of emotions on water should inspire us to be INTENTIONAL in our interactions and relationships so that we “infuse positivity” into our drinking water, environment, and relationships.
If our emotions can influence water, and our bodies consist mostly of water, it raises the question of how positive emotions may impact our overall well-being. Perhaps, by focusing on the emotions of love and gratitude we can positively impact our own molecular structure and promote a state of healing.
In keeping with Dr Emoto’s research, many people have conducted the “RICE EXPERIMENT” which involves dividing a pot of rice between 3 jars. The first jar is labeled LOVE, the second HATE, and the 3rd is labeled IGNORE. The experiment is typically conducted for 4-6 weeks.
Each day words of love and compassion are spoken to the LOVE jar, words of hate and disgust are spoken to the HATE jar and the IGNORE jar is intentionally ignored. The outcome has been repeated time and time again with very similar results. This proves to validate that our WORDS and INTENTIONS have an impact on our environment and ultimately on ourselves and OTHERS.

This video is an excellent reference:

If you would like to learn more......Dr. Emoto has several books on the subjetc.

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