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Home Testing Options and Supplements

     Take control of your well-being with convenient at-home testing. Our comprehensive blood marker tests provide valuable insights into how lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, and other factors are influencing your health. By understanding your unique biomarkers, you can make informed decisions to optimize your wellness journey.

     Whether you’re proactively monitoring your health or seeking to address specific concerns, our at-home testing solutions offer convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind. Start your journey to better health today with at-home testing.

  The "Lab" 
Home Testing Options 

The Lab Testing

Testing available:

  • Stool Testing (Digestion, leaky gut, bacterial imbalance)

  • SIBO (Breath Test for small intestine bacteria overgrowth)

  • Mold Testing (Mold, yeast imbalance in the body)

  • Cortisol Testing (Stress evaluation)

  • Hormone Testing (Sex Hormone eval for imbalance)

  • Food Sensitivity Testing 

This testing can be purchased with HSA, FSA, CareCredit. 


Looking to order supplements? Thorne is a well trusted brand. You can order online and have them shipped to you directly.

This is a great way to order all of your supplements from ONE supplier and you can rest knowing that you are receiving an authentic and quality product!



Thorne also offers home lab testing.

Stress Testing - Cortisol and DHEA Levels

Gut Health - Intestinal Permeability, Gut Dysbiosis, Digestion, Inflammation, Pathogens

Gut Testing

Parasite Testing

Parasite Testing

A parasite is a living organism that relies on another organism, known as the host, to survive and thrive. It's a bit like having a houseguest who overstays their welcome…or even stays permanently. Parasites take what they need from their host, often causing harm in the process. Parasites come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny, microscopic ones to larger, more noticeable ones.

These at-home tests can check for parasites, fungi (candida), gut bacteria and other markers of digestive health depending on the test kit you select. Take the "parasite" QUIZ to see if you are at an elevated risk.

Already have testing?

Schedule a one-on-one session to discuss your results and what teas, tinctures, or products may help you address your symptoms and issues.

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