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Joyful, Joyful

All thy garments smell of Myrrh, Sandalwood and Cassia out of the Ivory palaces whereby they have made thee glad”. Psalm 45:7

“Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart.” Proverbs 27:9

Why would the Bible suggest that a physical substance (like an oil) be associate with an emotional state? Because only essential oils have mood altering abilities.

Our noses are directly wired into the brain. We can think and reason unemotionally when we touch, taste, see & hear. These 4 senses do not directly stimulate our emotions. The nose is different! The sense of smell stimulates emotion first and to the rational brain second. The olfactory nerves connect to the center of the brain which is the coordinator of our emotions. This region is the LIMBIC SYSTEM. This system includes: thalamus, hypothalamus, corpus callosum, fornix, pineal gland, and pituitary gland. This is the “Central Brain”. It includes the neural cortex and endocrine glands as well. It functions both electrically and chemically (Hormones) The EMOTIONAL brain secretes hormones while the INTELLECTUAL brain does NOT.  The emotional brain does NOT respond to words that are read, spoken, heard. It DOES respond to SMELLS.

The central brain is a librarian and our body is the library. Whenever we experience an emotion that we are unable to process (or choose NOT to process) the central brain takes it and files it somewhere in the body. It may be hidden in the intestines, the lungs, the thyroid, etc. In order to recall the and access that memory, the emotional brain has to locate it where it was filed in the body.  

We store both painful and pleasant memories. Emotions that we have faced, accepted and dealt with are stored as intellectual memories. These emotions have been resolved and we have grown from the experience. Emotions that have NOT been faced, accepted or dealt with are stored as repressed emotional energy.  Waiting for a future time when we can deal with them. Repressed emotions are just “unfinished business”. They are lessons unlearned. These emotions are stored in our body in places of which our conscious mind is NOT aware. However, they will keep reminding us of their existence in a variety of ways. They can cause pain, illness, disease, and malfunctions on many levels. (Physical, mental, social, emotional, & spiritual)

Essential Oils touch our emotions in ways that cannot reach them by other means. Oils can assist in releasing such blocks to our health and happiness. Various oils in the bible have been used to bring joy to the heart, relieve stresses, brought peace and calmness, clarify their thinking, and uplift their spiritual awareness/prayers/worship.

Psalms 45:7 suggests that among the oils of “JOY” were Myrrh, Sandalwood, Cassia. Mint is considered an oil of “gladness”. The “Holy Incense” containing Galbanum, Frankincense and Onycha. Many of the oils used in biblical times were MOOD ELEVATING.

The Essential Oil- JOY is a blend of oils that contain several uplifting oils. This blend contains: Rose, Jasmine, Roman, Chamomile, *Bergamot, *Mandarin, *Lemon, *Ylang Ylang, *Geranium, & *Palmarosa. (*indicates they are NOT mentioned in the bible) Rose oil has the highest frequency at 320MHz.

Anoint yourself with a Biblical based “JOYFUL BLEND”. Combine 1-2 drops of each: JOY, EXODUS II and Cedarwood in your palm. Rub clockwise 3-4 times and inhale. Do 4 square breathing. Rub the oil over the heart. The emotions of happiness and joy are elevating to the immune system which will aid in preventing illness.

**Information is from the book: Healing Oils Of The Bible by Dr. David Stewart

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