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“Energetic Holistic Aromatherapy”

Also referred to as subtle, or vibrational aromatherapy… This focuses on the energetic qualities and application of aromatic essential oils and hydrosols, and how their properties can affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Using essential oils usually involves inhaling them or by applying a diluted form to the skin. This approach can be used to address issues of insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, mild to moderate pain and inflammation, or as an enhancing therapy to many other conditions and ailments. It is often incorporated into massage therapy to increase relaxation and relieve muscle pain and tension. Aromatherapy options can include: inhalers, massage oils, creams or balms, or mineral/detox baths. Many of the energetic essential oils have amazing benefits for the skin. They can also help you to feel grounded and centered or a sense of inner peace when facing difficult emotional situations stemming from past or present trauma.

How do you know which oils to start with? I recommend you pick a couple oils that you “connect with”. How does this aroma make you feel? What memories/thoughts does it evoke? Do any emotions surface? Does it feel warm or cool? What images come to mind?

We all have some form of emotional trauma in our lives from the past or present. This can be from abuse, grief, heartbreak, or suffering a loss of any kind. We may undergo therapy with some level of healing. However, MOST of the work MUST come from within. We need to move throughout our lives in attempts to let go, heal, and recover.

Aromatherapy can enhance the connection to our minds and body. (mind/body disconnect) This connection helps create a sacred space for a deeper inner emotional experience as well as a stronger spiritual connection to God.

The power of aromatherapy can work in so many energetic and emotional ways. Their effects can be amplified when used with an energy medicine approach, (ex: manual body balancing) meditation, (ex: energy movement method, inner child meditation) emotional processing (ex: releasing suppressed emotions).

{Polarity therapy, or polarity balancing, is a form of energy therapy based on the belief that changing your body’s electromagnetic field can impact various bodily issues. Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopath, developed this form of alternative medicine in 1947. Polarity balancing is NOT Reiki. It is an energy therapy that works by releasing blocked energy channels in your body. It requires a hands-on technique of “balancing” and facilitating the energy flow of the body.}

Subtle energetic work combining polarity balancing with aromatherapy can benefit the daily struggles and inner turmoil we all encounter. However, these modalities will not "cure" any issue on their own. Energetic aromatherapy ENHANCES any conventional or holistic methods of medical care.

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