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Buried Emotions

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Author: Karol Truman

Emotions and How They Can Affect Our Health

From an early age we are taught to bury our feelings....

Has anyone ever said to you:

“Stuff a sock in it”

“Let it go”

“Stop dwelling on it”

“Forget it and move on”

“Drop it”

Majority of us have heard this in our lifetime. We are taught to take unpleasant events and hide them away. Never to be heard from again……. right?

Recent research has determined that about 90% of physical ailments have EMOTIONAL ROOTS!

The following information is from the Book:

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – Karol Truman

I strongly encourage those who are looking to come to a better emotional awareness of themselves, and how their emotions could be contributing to their physical/ emotional health to take the time to read this book.

(**Disclaimer** As with any book I may recommend, always use DISCERNMENT. I don’t always have to completely agree with someone 100% to benefit from the knowledge they can impart to others.

When we develop illness or symptoms, our subconscious mind is being made manifest. How is this possible? It is possible because buried feelings don’t die. They don’t “drop it”, they don’t “forget it and move on”. They become a part of our DNA. They become buried in our cells and as these cells replenish and replicate, this suppressed feeling/memory is replicated….

Our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for our physical body. Our cells also hold the blueprint for our emotional, mental and spiritual state. They remember all of who we are in this life from birth right up to the present day (hence the term cellular memory). So, as we change and grow in any aspect of our lives, our cells are constantly updating our personal data.

Cells retain the information of all life experiences, nothing experienced be it positive OR negative escapes being recorded. Because cellular memory cannot be seen or effectively measured, not everyone can agree on this and so it remains unbelievable to some people.

Your body is designed to support health, harmony and connection between all parts. So why do we get sick? Why do we develop a disease or illness that won't easily go away? If our bodies are meant to support vitality and healing then why doesn't it just happen right away?

The simplest answer...... Cellular Memory by nature contains both Positive Emotional Charge (PEC) and Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) that is constantly flowing and influencing our state of mind and body health.

The Positive Energy Charge can be described as an energy field or ‘life force’ that is free flowing, expanding, peaceful, non-fearful, whole and alive.

The Negative Energy Charge can be described as an energy field of life force that is contracted; held as unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative beliefs about ourselves and others, suffocation, fear and any emotion that is a derivation of fear. (ie: guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger)

When the NEC becomes disproportionally higher than the PEC, this leads to illness in the body-mind system.

According to Dr. Candace Pert - "repressing emotions can only be causative of disease. Failure to find effective ways to express negative emotions causes you to 'stew in your own juices. Day after day, this chronic immersion in negativity is what appears to produce harmful influences on health.”

Many people will visit their family Dr on a constant basis for chronic symptoms and after having many medical tests, resulting in no diagnosis, will be dismissed as a hypochondriac. This in turn can become very debilitating for the patient.

Some medical professionals are open-minded but the majority are not or cannot understand the concept of cellular memory, and rely only on their own medical scientific knowledge.

This “encoding” isn't just stored in the brain. It is stored in all organs and systems of the body! There have been recorded cases of patients receiving organs from a donor and the recipient, within a short period of time, experience changes in their characteristics or habits. Unexpected cravings or dreams. On investigation it has been discovered that some of the feelings and emotions from the deceased donor have been passed onto the recipient. As explained when the cells divide and renew, they remember everything that has happened whether in the same body or someone else’s.

Our emotional and physical state is much determined by our state of mind. If we have suppressed anger, fear, hatred, doubt… time, we may struggle with the ailments associated with these emotions. These emotions can affect every aspect of our health.

Our physical body.

Our emotional state.

Our relationships and interactions with those around us.

They will determine our emotional reactions to events.

Example of what emotions affect what organs:

Anger- the liver

Grief- the lungs

Sadness- the heart

Worry- the stomach/intestines

Stress- the heart and brain

Fear- the kidneys

Anxiety- the heart and lungs

The list goes on and on….

But I don’t FEEL THAT EMOTION! So obviously you’re wrong!

You would think that’s the case. “I don’t feel that emotion so that CAN'T BE the case! If grief was causing my issues, wouldn’t I FEEL it?”


We have 2 types of feelings.

Explicit- feelings we are aware of and feel – We REACT to these feelings

Implicit- feelings we are UNAWARE of and may feel subconsciously – These feelings illicit a subconscious or learned response

So, how can we change it?

First, we have to realize that EVERYTHING is energy. Everything in the human body is energy. Your entire body is made up of electrical impulses and synapses. These are all ENERGY.

Imagine a piano….. if I want to play a song, I have to play different keys. If the piano is tuned and I hit the correct keys, I will play a beautiful melody.

Your body is much the same.

The body as a whole has a vibrational frequency. As well as every organ in it. Every thought, every feeling has a frequency. (a piano key) When it is in tune, the body plays beautifully. When something goes out of tune (disease) the melody doesn’t sound good.

A healthy body has a frequency of 62-68Hz.

-If the frequency drops below 58Hz, the immune system becomes compromised and disease or illness can occur. (Colds, flus, viruses, bacterial infections.)

-If it drops below 55Hz, candida (yeast) or autoimmune disease can occur.

-If it drops below 42Hz, cancer can develop.

It goes without saying we create the environment in which disease develops… if we create it, couldn’t we CHANGE IT?

Self-awareness: Many people that have suppressed emotions also have a mind/body disconnect. (also called DISSOCIATION) This means their body is often "disconnected" from their thoughts and emotions.

  • Do you focus on negativity?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety?

  • Do you "shut down" or "go numb" in certain situations or when overwhelmed?

  • Do you find yourself OVERREACTING at times?

  • Do you struggle with any negative emotions, or find yourself feeling upset and you can’t understand WHY?

  • Are you aware of WHERE in your body you feel different emotions? (anger, guilt, worry, happiness, love, ect)

  • Are you struggling with chronic illness that medication isn’t helping?

  • Do you have (or have you had) cancer? Autoimmune disease?

These are potential indicators for a mind/body/spirit disconnect. So many people are struggling with this and have no idea. Its time to RECONNECT!

How to begin the process of change:

Health & Wellness Coach: Find someone that can meet you where you are and help you start your journey to understanding of your SELF and help you maintain your OWN accountability.

A coach can help guide you on you as you navigate your emotional health as well as your physical.

Prayer: Connect to the Divine. Asking for an awareness of what emotions you may need to address. Ask God for the wisdom to address these issues. Prayer also raises the frequency of the body. We are a spiritual bring and it is important to our overall health to connect to our Creator.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils when used correctly have a tremendous impact on releasing stored emotions and raising and frequency of the body. They work on the limbic system of the brain and also dive into our unconscious.

Christian counseling: Speak with your Pastor or Deacon. Go to someone with sound biblical knowledge. If you ask someone of the world, you will get an answer from the world.

Food: Fresh foods, vegetables, and herbs raise the frequency of the body if consumed frequently. If it comes in a can or wrapper, it’s very likely to have a frequency do 0-1Hz and will not benefit you. Shop the perimeter of the store! Fresh is best, frozen will work in a pinch. However, AVOID THE ISLAND OF THE DEAD! The middle of the store if mostly filled with processed and packaged CHEMICALS that will only help "preserve a diseased state."

Supplements: supporting the immune system is vital. Healing is your gut is imperative. BOTH require diligence and action.

Holistic Doctor: Get yourself established with someone that can guide you to a better understanding of your body NATURALLY.

BIOFEEDBACK: Biofeedback works on correcting the frequencies in the body that have gone “out of tune”. This is performed by a trained professional and requires the use of electrodes to gather information from your body. This is a very effective and EASY modality that is NONINVASIVE.

Let's Talk: If you would like more information, let's schedule a time to talk!


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