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Biomat Session - 20 minutes

  • 20 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • 45 N Paint Street Chillicothe, Ohio

Service Description

FAR INFRARED RAYS The deep penetrating power of Far Infrared Rays stimulates every system of the body from the inside out. As Infrared is radiated into the body, it resonates with the frequencies of organic molecules and cells causing them to vibrate, heat up and expand. In turn, blood vessels, capillaries, nerve endings and organelles expand, making the body feel fully charged and energized in just the same way a bell struck at regular intervals vibrates and moves faster and faster. This causes a net increase in metabolism helping cells to divide faster, nervous signals to move faster and healing to occur at a much-accelerated rate. NEGATIVE IONS The Negative Ions stimulate all of the cell membranes of the body causing their ion channels to become active. This helps to alkalize all cells by removing cellular waste and toxins. Negative Ions also convert cells from “Fight or Flight” (Stress) mode, to Reproductive, Normal Functioning (Happy) Mode causing a sense of Deep Relaxation in the mind and body. Just as negative ions clean our air, they also clean out our cells. AMETHYST CRYSTALS Amethyst Crystals have been known to deliver both infrared and negative ions naturally. In this case the Amethyst crystal is not only used to focus the FIR energy of the Biomat but also helps to calm and protect the mind and nervous system. These therapeutic components of the Biomat work to remove blockages creating better communication between the brain, the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems and all organs of the body to balance and stabilize the bodies systems and strengthen the body’s own self-healing power. Some of the benefits of the Biomat®: Relaxes the circulatory system, increasing blood flow Detoxification Relieves muscle and joint pain Healing soft tissue Boosts the immune system Regulates blood pressure Soothes the nervous system and relieves stress Hormone balancing Increases serotonin levels, thereby improving mood and mental energy. IN CONJUNCTION with the Biomat - You can also utilize the grounding wrist band for increased effect. Grounding, also known as earthing, is a technique that involves connecting your physical body to the earth’s electrical energy. This electrical conduction may lead to various physical effects, such as: • pain reduction • improved immune response • may help with autoimmune symptoms • may help with chronic inflammation • improved energy levels • improved mood

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Contact Details

  • 45 North Paint Street, Chillicothe, OH, USA


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