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I love tea N-fusions because they are fast and easy ways to add flavor to a wine or spirit. Teas infuse water with their flavor when you make hot tea, but with alcohol, you don’t need to warm up the spirit to make an infusion. 

Infusing a spirit with a flavor already found in that alcohol can highlight those flavors in the spirit. Remember, the longer the tea steeps, the stronger the flavor. For black teas, the infusion can complete in as little as 45-60 minutes (and sometimes faster). Black teas add a dry note to spirits, so testing every 5 minutes or so while it’s infusing is recommended. Herbal teas can sit longer in a spirit, but can still infuse in as little as 60-90 minutes.


To infuse a spirit with tea:

Place your loose leaf tea in your steeper or a tea bag, quickly dip the tea bag in hot water to "awaken" the leaves, then drop it in a glass jar or bottle/pitcher with 1-2 cups of your selected spirit in it.

Taste test it every 15 minutes if it’s black tea or every 25-30 minutes if it’s herbal. When it reaches a potent flavor, remove the tea bag and you’re ready to use the spirit.


Infusing with vodka will give you more of the unabashed flavor of the tea than if you use a more flavorful spirit like rum, whiskey, or tequila.


When steeping in WINE
The night before, run tea leaves under HOT water for 1 minute to ready them for steeping. Place in glass bottle or pitcher with sealable lid. (Mason Jars are an excellent option) Pour your selected wine over the tea and allow it to steep 20-24 hours. 
WHITE wines are refrigerated
RED wines stay at room temperature 
SPIRITS are refrigerated

After steeping 20-24 hours, remove the tea from the wine. You can serve immediately or wait another 24 hours and let the beverage and tea "marry". The flavor will continue to intensify.  


*Each pouch holds enough for 2 N-Fuzions. 

**It is intended for use with a 750ml bottle or less. 



Tea N-Fused

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