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The list of essiac tea benefits is long, but there are two main functions that make it very beneficial for health. 


Essiac tea helps release toxins that build up in fat and tissues into the blood stream where they can be filtered and excreted by the liver and kidneys. These are the chemicals and poisons causing cells to mutate and are in our air, food, and water, and everywhere around us. Eliminating these toxins is essential to fighting cancer growth and ensuring the organs and immune system are functioning at their absolute best. 

Restoration of the Immune System 

Cleaning the body of toxins and impurities frees up the immune system to focus on killing cancer cells and protecting the body. With Essiac Tea, complete body purification occurs, with a significant boost in the body’s immune system to combat any pre-existing disease by producing more lymphocytes and T-cells, the body’s natural defenses. Your immune system is the #1 defense against ALL disease and its proper functioning is absolutely vital! Pharmaceutical drugs have been successful at masking the symptoms of disease, but not ridding the body of the root of the problem. Unlike most alternative treatments, modern medicine focuses on treating the patients’ physical symptoms, rather than the underlying causes of the disease. In many cases the underlying cause of cancer is a weak immune system.


The combination of burdock root, along with slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root and sheep sorrel, burdock root was a component in the traditional Ojibwa tonic later adapted by Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse who presented the world with the formula.
Steep 5-10 Minutes. Serve hot. Sweeten with Honey.

Caffeine Level: FREE


One ounce pkg renders 6-8 INDIVIDUAL servings depending on how strong you like it. 

Two ounce pkg renders 8-12 INDIVIDUAL servings. 

**You can resteep tea up to 2 times, each will be a little weaker than the previous. 



Essiac Tea

1 Ounce
  • You will be invoiced with product total and shipping charges when your order is placed.

  • This is not intended to  be used as a medication or treatment for any medical issue.

    Always speak with your Healthcare Provider before adding this to your hygeine routine.

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