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**PLEASE NOTE- THE COLOR VARIES! You may recieve a color different than what is pictured!


Castor oil packs are a traditional remedy that may be one of the MOST IMPORTANT naturopathic applications one can implement to improve overall health. To have an effect over the entire body, castor oil must permeate through all 3 layers of the skin. The dermis (middle layer) is where there is an abundance of blood vessels and lymph connections reside. Castor oil HAS to reach this deeper layer to enable access into the visceral parts of the body. These packs are meant to be reused over and over. They can be washed as needed, but I would refrain from adding them to the washing machine with other items, as the oil may transfer to certain materials. The packs can be used with or without heat. (However, heat increases circulation which can improve absorption)


When castor oils packs are placed on the skin over the liver, it works to support optimal function and detoxification. The ricinoleic acid helps the body rid itself of excess toxins. Castor oil has been shown to improve levels of glutathione. Glutathione carries toxins, byproducts of plastics, BPA, and estrogens out of the body.


**You do not need to wash your wrap. You simply keep reappying castor oil to is prior to placing it on the body. 

Castor Oil and Packs

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