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All organic ingredients make up this amazing tea that focuses on skin health! 
Contains: Assam Tea, Rose Petals, Lavender, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Stevia powder, and Cinnamon Chips. 
This blend focuses on maintaining skin elasticity and slowing the oxidative effects that contribute to the aging process. Beau-Tea Blend is HIGH in antioxidants and also offers calming and relaxing components.
Caffeine Level: HIGH
** Do NOT over steep, Assam tea can will become bitter if steeped for too long. 


Steep 5-7 Minutes. Serve hot. 


One ounce pkg renders 5-8 INDIVIDUAL servings depending on how strong you like it. 

Two ounce pkg renders 8-12 INDIVIDUAL servings. 

4 ounce canister renders 28-32 servings.

**You can resteep tea up to 2 times, each will be a little weaker than the previous. 

Beau-Tea Blend

1 Ounce
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