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Find relief from cold and flu symptoms with our soothing Cold & Flu Herbal Blend, crafted to ease aches and discomforts while boosting your immune system. This herbal blend features Peppermint, Elder Flower, Rose Hips, Ginger, Anise Seed, Thyme, Yarrow, and Calendula, working together to support your recovery. 


Directions: Steep for 5-8 minutes and enjoy hot for comfort. Garnish with honey. Can be steeped in Chicken broth if desired. 
Caffeine Level: FREE



One ounce pkg renders 5-8 INDIVIDUAL servings depending on how strong you like it. 

Two ounce pkg renders 8-12 INDIVIDUAL servings. 

**You can resteep tea up to 2 times, each will be a little weaker than the previous. 

Cold & Flu Herbal Tea (Relief from Cold and Flu symptoms)

1 Ounce
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