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Hibsicus tea is made fom the dried parts of the hibiscus flower. It can  have a tart flavor similar to cranberry. It has a deep mangenta color and is HIGH in anxioxidants.



Contains Hibiscus Flowers and Cinnamon Chips


**ALLERGEN: Hibiscus may be intercropped with peanuts. Occasionally, fragments of peanut shells may be present.
 Steep for 5-8 minutes. Serve hot or cold 
Caffeine Level: FREE


One ounce pkg renders 5-8 INDIVIDUAL servings depending on how strong you like it. 

Two ounce pkg renders 8-12 INDIVIDUAL servings. 

**You can resteep tea up to 2 times, each will be a little weaker than the previous. 

Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea

1 Ounce
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