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Ozone Therapy

Disclaimer: Ozone therapy is not an FDA approved therapy. The information in this document is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure. It is not a substitute for medical advice. It is for educational purposes only.

   Are you looking for a different approach that may help rebalance disturbances in your body? Ozone therapy could just be the answer you're looking for.


   Contrary to the reports that ozone therapy “lacks scientific evidence”, there have been MANY studies conducted to explore its therapeutic effects and safety. These studies provide information regarding the potential benefits of ozone therapies for various health conditions.

   Researchers have examined the effects of medical ozone on oxidative stress, inflammation, immune system modulation, and tissue regeneration. Countries such as Spain, Greece, Dubai, Brazil, and Italy have been at the forefront of ozone therapy. Europe accepts the use of ozone therapy although it isn’t considered “mainstream”.

   At this time, Ozone is not “FDA approved” in the United States and has been met with a lot of unfounded skepticism even though the research shows promising results.


   Researchers have found that ozone therapy can effectively improve oxygen delivery to tissues. This enhanced oxygenation promotes the healing processes in the body. Studies have shown that ozone can stimulate antioxidant enzymes, which help fend off oxidative stress and protect cells from damage.


Scientific Research Shows

   Ozone therapy can help boost longevity, enhance your immune response, and reduce the effects of Lyme disease, chronic illness and yeast or mold toxicity, autoimmune flares, etc.

Ozone therapy is the administration of a small dose of medical grade ozone gas into the body. It can be administered in various ways, including intravenously, rectally, vaginally, through the ears, or on the skin.

   It has been used in medical applications for chronic disease issues, disease prevention, and overall health and wellness.  It is utilized in the dental field for oral health, the ortho field for joint injections for pain and regeneration, and the cosmetic field as injections for beauty, scars, and regeneration.


Ozone Therapy Benefits:

·         Improved systemic oxygenation

·         May counteract oxidative stress (a leading cause of aging and disease) by promoting antioxidant responses in the body.

·         Can enhance the immune system. Helps boost an underperforming immune system and rebalances autoimmune issues.

·         Improves blood flow and microcirculation to organs and fingers/toes.


What people report after using ozone:

·         Increased energy

·         Sense of wellbeing

·         Increased endurance 

·         Decrease in symptoms or flares r/t chronic illness or autoimmune issues

·         Decreased inflammation

·         Improved cognitive function/decreased brain fog.

·         Reduced Pain


   Different tissues respond differently to medical ozone gas, which is why you cannot breathe it, but the body handles insufflation and intravenous therapy quite well.  

Ozone as a gas is harmful to breathe but scientific data shows it sports a higher safety record than aspirin when used correctly. Ozone therapy is not government approved but it IS APPROVED and widely USED around the world.

   According to recent studies there are approximately 6 complications out of every 100,000 applications which presents a higher safety record than aspirin The complications were primarily due to improper technique or incorrect use and not the ozone itself. Ozone therapy is a relatively safe and effective application.


   It’s important that ozone is NOT deliberately inhaled. The lungs don’t have an antioxidant system to protect against ozone gas and breathing large amounts of ozone can be harmful to the lungs. You might smell ozone while performing ozone therapy. This is NORMAL and not a high enough quantity to cause any issues. It is always best to use ozone in a WELL-VENTILATED area.


   Ozone is relatively safe for most people, however with all therapies, there are contraindications for its use.


Contraindications to ozone therapies:

● Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD, Acute Hemolytic Anemia)

● Toxic Hyperthyroidism

● Pregnancy

● Thrombocytopenia

● Severe Cardiovascular instability (Low ejection fraction, low cardiac output)

● Acute alcohol intoxication

● Acute infarct of myocardium

● Massive or acute hemorrhage

● During convulsive states, or uncontrolled seizures

● Hemochromatosis

● Patients receiving treatment with copper or iron



Administration Routes and Protocols

Systemic vs. Local

● Systemic ozone therapy applications benefit the entire body. This approach stimulates

fundamental systems such as increased systemic oxygenation, improved circulation, and immune system balancing. It helps the body to achieve self-regulation and homeostasis, creating an optimal environment for healing to take place.

(This application is often used for infectious diseases, chronic diseases, anti-aging/longevity, severely impaired gut diseases, etc.)

● Local ozone therapy applications are performed on specific areas of the body. Introducing ozone to the affected area helps to eliminate infection and to stimulate the healing process.

(Local applications are used on herniated discs, cavitations, infections (such as MRSA), ulcers, non-healing wounds, inflammatory bowel disease, yeast infections, GYN issue and many other conditions.)


   Ozone works by creating a small amount of stress, then the body responds by correcting and balancing many systems in the body. Ozone stimulates the same pathways that are impacted during exercise, saunas, and fasting.  It tells the body to create antioxidant enzymes which allow the body to correct oxidative stress and enhance cell protection.        

   Oxygen is an important nutrient that is necessary for our livelihood. One of the biggest contributors to the aging process is how well the body utilizes oxygen and creates energy. Breathing oxygen allows for the entry of oxygen into the body…..ozone helps the body USE oxygen and aids in creating energy. When you improve oxygen in the body, you essentially improve all body systems. Rendering results such as increased energy, improved cognition, metabolism, and improved overall recovery.


   This is the miracle of THE BODY, not specifically ozone. Ozone simply helps the body to operate efficiently.  


   Ozone is effective in addressing chronic diseases (cancer, Lyme, autoimmune conditions, mold toxicity, inflammatory, and infectious diseases, and for its anti-aging properties) Our cells are powered by oxygen, along with other things. Deprive a cell of oxygen for too long, and disease begins to set in. Diseases such as Lyme, cancer, etc, thrive in low-oxygen environments.


Ozone Administration:

   Ozone therapy can be administered in many ways; however, ozone therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Treatment protocols are based on the individual’s needs, health symptoms and conditions. Each person is unique, and their bodies may respond differently to ozone therapy. This makes for treatment durations of differing lengths. Some conditions may show substantial improvement in 6-12 weeks, others may take 6-12 MONTHS.


   At home applications include rectal, vaginal, ears, ozone water, and ozone limb bagging. Ozone therapy can also be done in a clinic setting through an IV and is a very effective form of treatment. 


   Rectal insufflation (administration) is the most valuable method. It stimulates the same pathways as IV ozone, but it can be done for a fraction of the price. It is important that you wet the tissue PRIOR to infusing ozone by the rectal route. Self-ozone is administered through a small bag that is filled with ozone gas. A small catheter is attached and then inserted into the rectum. The ozone in the bag is slowly infused.

Ozone permeates through the intestinal wall and then acts systemically. This is one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE applications for GI issues or inflammatory bowel diseases. (IBS, Crohn’s, “leaky gut”, etc) It can also help with autoimmune issues and chronic systemic infections.  


   IV ozone (MAH- major autohemotherapy) Is ozone administered via an IV infusion. (MAH) Each infusion costs $225 - $300 and takes 20-30 minutes per infusion. It consists of having an IV needle placed, 60cc’s of blood is extracted and added to a bag of saline.

60cc’s of ozone is then added to the saline bag with the blood and reinfused into the body.

IV ozone works for many different conditions, such as Lyme, Chronic infections, cognitive issues, systemic inflammations, and many other issues.

#10 rectal infusions equal one IV infusion.


   Vaginal insufflation is very effective for female issues such as chronic yeast infections, endometriosis, etc. It may also help with infertility, PCOS, heavy or painful periods….


   Ozone can be administered via a special stethoscope for chronic ear issues. It can also impact pathogens, toxins, bacteria, etc in the ears, along the teeth and in the sinuses. It also crosses the blood brain barrier and provides oxygenation to the brain. It can help with brain inflammation and may improve some cognitive impairments.


   Ozone can be applied topically via “limb bagging” or cupping. These are great options for wound healing, venous ulcers, “covid toes”, skin rashes, yeast infections, etc.


   Ozonated water can be made and is effective for gut issues, can help reduce inflammation of the teeth and gums. It can prevent the development of bacterial infections and throat diseases. It has also been used to soothe tooth pain and may assist in whitening teeth.


   A home ozone unit costs $1500-$3000 for the entire kit. (Which is less than #15 IV infusions.) Depending on what you are dealing with, it can take 2-6 MONTHS of ozone treatments to notice significant results. This makes it very cost effective to own your own ozone generator and administer your treatments in the comfort of your own home. It also allows everyone in your household to benefit from the administration of ozone. Rectal ozone can be administered to children as young as 3 years.


   WHEN PERFORMED CORRECTLY, there are no known negative effects ozone to ozone therapies or ozone oils. Most complications reported were found to be due to incorrect use and wrong techniques. Ozone itself is a safe and highly effective method of therapy.


   Ozone ALONE does NOT CURE disease. It should be viewed as a VERY STRONG SUPPLEMENTAL option.


Personal Stories:

* In our family, we have used home administered ozone to treat a chronic systemic infection causing fevers, joint pain and fatigue. This infection was NOT RESPONDING to antibiotics. There had been 2 courses of antibiotics taken and the symptoms persisted. We were advised gthe next step was harsh IV ATB's. Home ozone was implemented and within 3-4 weeks of therapy the infection was gone and the associated fevers and joint pain had resolved.

** It has been used to manage the symptoms and inflammation associated with an autoimmune issue, gut imparment and chronic pain from an injury. Over the course of a 12 week home administration, it provided significant relief and the symptoms resolved.

*** It was used to manage an aggressive form of cancer in our Yorkie. She was given 4-6 WEEKS to live and with dietary changes, supplementation and ozone cupping she was able to live 18 months. She would have the occasional "bad day" but managed to have a good quality of remaining life. She had been up playing with her toys 2-3 days before she died.

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