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Hydration! Pour Me Another Glass.....of Water!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Its important for me to begin with.... it is easier for me to give up SUGAR than it was for me to change my beverage of choice. However, if you are trying to cut down or eliminate sugar, you will find that it always begins with your BEVERAGE CHOICE! The biggest portion of sugar consumption comes from what is in our glass!

Before I made the move to a healthier lifestyle, I had a HORRIBLE POP/SODA ADDICTION! Any given Saturday or Sunday it was nothing for me to drink 24 (OR MORE) cans of Diet Mountain Dew. Yes! You read that right! I drank 24 cans in a 24 hour period! I had chronic neck pain from what I thought was residual effects of whiplash and arthritis if the neck. I couldn't lose weight no matter how strictly I limited my calories. And I struggled with terrible 'brain fog' that affected many aspects of my life and job.

Upon taking a job as a nurse for a functional medicine physician he advised me in the that it was important for me to GIVE UP the pop! Of course this recommendation didn't sit well with me. I have NEVER enjoyed drinking plain water. And I had ZERO intentions of beginning!

To begin, he called me in and told me that he would like me to keep my pop out of view of patients. We should encourage our patients by example so he asked that I keep it 'out of sight out of mind!' I agreed to this as I flt it was important that I adhere to the office philosophy. Even though I had no intentions of continuing this outside of office hours. All was well for 3 months.

THEN...he called me in one day and said he had thought about it. He now wanted me to keep my pop in the office kitchen. Again, I agreed. All was well for 3 months.

The next conversation was really difficult! He called me in one day and says he has thought about it. And he is just NOT COMFORTABLE with me having the pop in the office at all! He recommended I keep it in my CAR, since we have an occasional patient that is in the kitchen area and may see it! Here was where my "NICE" ran out..... BUT, I complied! After all we were promoting a healthy lifestyle model for patients.

3 months into this new arrangement, I'm on my way to my car for a quick sip when I realized just how STUPID this was! I also realized how much pop I had cut out over the past year! How much I ENJOYED drinking tea, water and other healthier options. Dont get me wrong, I was still consuming several cans/bottles (3-5) of Diet Mountain Dew daily... It was at this time that I made the conscious decision to STOP drinking pop for 1 month and see how I felt.

The first 3 days were HORRIBLE as I tried to function without CAFFEINE! (Excessive fatigue, severe headaches, insomnia, bad dreams, mood swings, irritability)

Once I got through the detox and reset my system somewhat, I began to notice changes within 2 weeks. The stiffness in my neck that I had been dealing with for YEARS began resolving. Over the next 3-4 months, I found my weight beginning to drop with little effort. (losing about 8-10 lbs) The range of motion in my neck return to normal. I found I didn't NEED caffeine to function throughout the day...

And guess what....? I actually LIKE WATER! I love adding fruit to it. I love adding in essential oils! I love how my body feels when it is properly hydrated. Chronic cellular dehydration inhibits your ability to effectively listen to your body.

I am usually an ALL OR NOTHING kind of girl. I dont ease into anything! However if I hadn't been eased into this..... almost FORCED, I may have never made the adjustment! Pop had such a strong hold on me! I would safely say to the extent of someone addicted to cigarettes!

But here I am!

I haven't had a can of pop in 5 years! And I have no intention of allowing myself to go back to that poisoned, toxic state of being!


The body is approximately 60% water –  it is the largest component of the human body!!

  • The brain and heart – 73% 💦 

  • The lungs – 83% 💦 

  • Cartilage - 80% 💦 

  • Skin – 64% 💦

  • Muscles and kidneys – 79% 💦

  • Bones – 31% 💦

Proper Hydration

  • Water protects and cushions vital organs

  • Water cushions joints

  • Water helps convert food into energy

  • Water helps the body absorb nutrients 

  • Water detoxifies – flushes toxins out of the body

  • Promotes healthy bowel activity – sluggish bowels (constipation) can increase your chances of colon or rectal cancer, causes the body to reabsorb toxins

  • Regulates the body’s temperature 

  • Maintains blood volume

Cellular Dehydration Intensifies nearly all disease including cardiovascular and cancer. Cellular dehydration is commonly caused by the following:

  • Caffeine 

  • Drugs (medications, tobacco & recreational drugs inclusive)

  • Soft drinks 

  • Insufficient salt intake

  • Alcohol 

  • Stress

What is Cellular Dehydration!!!  the body’s main focus is to maintain homeostasis.  When the body becomes dehydrated, Water is pulled from inside the cells and organs into the blood stream to maintain the blood volume. If this continues….(or we continue to ingest high amounts of caffeine or other dehydrating substances) the body begins to “dry out” cellularly. Cells begin to shrivel and malfunction.  Disease now has the perfect soil in which to take root and grow. while the scales may not say you’re dehydrated right away, your organs will say differently! It’s important to listen! Symptoms of Dehydration

  • urge to urinate after consuming water. “It goes right through me

  • Dry mouth shortly after drinking water

  • A lack of thirst for water or no interest in consuming water “I just don’t like drinking water”

  • Reduced concentration / brain fog

  • Mood swings / Anxiety 

  • Tension / headaches 

  • Dry skin 

  • Constipation

Ineffective Absorption Water may make up over 60% of the body, but it requires electrolytes and minerals to function properly. Sodium and magnesium depletion cause issues that affect water absorption! Because of these deficiencies the bladder is unable to effectively relax and hold urine, so it doesn’t allow for much urine to be stored in the bladder at all! 

  • “I am constantly peeing”.  

  • “I can’t hold my water”. 

  • “Anything I drink goes right through me”.

If any of this sounds familiar, you could be cellularly dehydrated  If not, congrats! You’re in the minority! 👏🏼 Ok, I drank water......NOW WHAT? After ingestion, water is absorbed through the gi tract – mostly in the early portion of the small intestine. a smaller portion is absorbed in the stomach and the colon. **this is why constipation and/or “holding it” are so detrimental. The body is now absorbing TOXINS back into your system!!** From the small intestine, it enters the vascular system and interstitial spaces (between tissues and organs) and is transported to every cell of the body.  The absorption process is very rapid- studies show water appears in the blood cells as soon as 5 minutes after ingestion!!  If your body absorbs it effectively... How Do I effectively Absorb Water? Limit your caffeine intake Add an electrolyte solution to your water (every cup you drink!) Drink better quality water! (High quality h20)  Bai antioxidant water Core water Smart life water These brands are electrolyte infused. They will help you to replenish and absorb better than typical tap water. How Much is Enough?

  • Men:  15-16 cups per day (3.5L) 

  • Women: 11-12 cups per day (2.7L)

If you are chronically dehydrated, you may want to add in a couple of extra cups. I HATE drinking water....I just don’t like the taste!”

  • Here are some Ways to “spice” it up…….

  • fresh fruit slices

  • a drop or two of Essential oils

  • a cinnamon stick

  • Decaf tea (green tea or herbal tea)

  • Decaf coffee (in moderation)

  • Increase your soup consumption and make it with the recommended waters

YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! That’s the bottom line!  Your body……. You are the one in control! Your choice……you choose what you do or don’t put into it! Your consequences! You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

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