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Essential Oils and c-19

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Regarding C-19, this post is simply what I DO for my own personal health and I am in no way recommending that anyone follow this protocol. Talk with your Doctor before starting any supplements or making any changes.

**Updated 2/22**

New C-19 study shows an efficacy of oral swish in reducing COVID contagion:

  • It inhibits the replication of the viral cell

  • Can provide coverage for 1-2 hours of the Oropharyngeal (and possibly nasopharyngeal) cavities.

  • Can swish and swallow or make an oral throat spray, can also be lightly swabbed (if diluted) just inside the nasal opening.

Specific oils studied:

*The main oils used:

  • Cypress

  • Oregano

  • Thyme

  • Pine


Preventative and Active infection options:

Cajeput Essential Oil - Diffuse every 2 hours for 40-60 minutes in a cool mist diffuser. Apply 2 drops to bottle of feet daily 1-2 times day. Aromatherapy nasal inhaler, use every hour: 2-3 inhalations per nostril.

Garlic Essential Oil - Diffuse every 2 hours for 40-60 minutes in a cool mist diffuser. Apply 2 drops to bottle of feet daily 1-2 times day. Aromatherapy nasal inhaler, use every hour: 2-3 inhalations per nostril.

** medical studies have shown both of these oils inhibit the Covid spike protein from the ACE2 receptor. (How it “plugs in” to the cells)

The oils shown to reduce the mRNA replication of the spike protein are:

  • Cypress

  • Pine

  • Oregano

  • Cajeput

  • Garlic

#2-3 drops, 2 times a day for 3 months

There is promise that this may help with those suffering adverse effects of the vaccine.

Oils used for acute or CHRONIC loss of smell associated with C-19:

  • Lemon

  • Clove

  • Eucalyptus

  • Cajeput

  • Rose

Inhale 3-4 times a day for 12-16 weeks. By direct inhalation from drops on your hands or Aromatherapy inhaler.

Along with oils, supplements can boost the immune system. A quick overview of WHY you may want to talk with your doctor about adding in supplementation.

-Zinc interferes with the reproduction of the viral invader. (Weakens it) However for Zinc to work effectively, it has to be “pushed into the cells”. Quercetin helps with moving zinc INTO the center of the cells.

-Vitamin D & K helps fortify the healthy cell membranes. Also helps the production of Killer T cells of the immune system.

-Vitamin C boosts immune system and helps fights invasive diseases (bacteria/virus) Important to keep the immune system functioning at an optimal level.

-Probiotic replenishes the GI FLORA that the increased Zinc and Vit C have depleted. (Your neurotransmitters and immune system are regulated in the gut)

-Oregano is a STRONG antiviral! Studies show it being effective against spike protein as well as many viral or bacterial pathogens.

-Pink or Grey Himalayan Sea Salt will help replace the necessary minerals of the body.

-B Complex helps to boost the immune system, as well as down-regulating the cytokines that cause inflammation.

-Nitric Oxide supplement along with dark green leafy veggies will help with circulation and immune system boosting. Also helps the body detox.

-Glutathione helps regulate the immune system, repairs DNA, inactivates toxins.

-NAC works to replenish glutathione in the lungs, thins mucus and works as an expectorant.

-Increased low back or kidney pain is usually the result of inflammation in those organs from trying to flush the system of the viral toxins. (Increase WATER!!!!!! Caffeine will only AGGRAVATE this problem!)

-Avoid SUGAR!! AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS!! Sugar contributes heavily to inflammation. It has been shown to potentiate the inflammation caused by C-19. It can also thicken the blood.

-OVERALL nutritional status contributes to immune deficiency. A poor diet can make you more susceptible to various viruses, bacteria's and other pathogens. The Standard American Diet is FULL of processed sugars and chemicals! When you are shopping you want to stick to the perimeter of the store! Focus on fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid foods that come in cans, cellophane or wrapper! Limit what you purchase from the center aisles of the store.... this is the ISLAND OF THE DEAD! (It offers little to NO nutritional value.)

-And for those who haven't gotten the complete message. AVOID POP/SODA and ENERGY DRINKS! (Regular and DIET!) Avoid SWEET TEA! Avoid GATORADE! These things contain high amounts of sugars, or artificial sweeteners and many contain caffeine.

Supplements I take for Daily Maintenance:

-Vitamin C (3000-5000mg daily) I usually take 1000mg 3 times a day.

-Vitamin D (with K preferably) 2000-5000iu daily.

-Zinc with Quercetin daily.

-Probiotic daily

-Nitric Oxide daily (use testing strips to check if your levels are low or deficient)

-Glutathione (Liposomal) 500mg

-Essential Oils:





3 drops of each on both feet twice daily. Diffuse 3-5 drops of each in a cool mist diffuser over the bed while sleeping nightly.

**This is part of my daily supplement regimen along with my other Oils, Supplements and Collagen.

Detox Measures:

Epsom salt baths daily (6-8 POUNDS of epsom salt and 1-2 CUPS of sea salt)

  • This helps flush toxins and decrease inflammation. Magnesium improves WBC's ability to seek and destroy pathogens. **Low magnesium can contribute to a cytokine storm during which the body attacks its own tissues instead of only pathogens.

  • Dry brushing the skin daily.

  • Activated charcoal capsules at bedtime (2 hours apart from taking any supplements or eating food)

  • Oils: Cypress, Oregano, Cajeput and Ravintsara. Diffuse over the bed while sleeping. Apply 7 drops of each to feet and along lymphatic system every 4-6 hours (If needed add a drop of Digize, Thieves & Peppermint to tea drink 1-2 times daily.)

I am available if you would like to set an appointment to talk about changes that you could make that may benefit you! Not just regarding the above information but regarding overall health as well.

(You will then confer with your PCP as to whether these things will be appropriate for you.)


** I am in NO way RECOMMENDING these things for anyone. (I have been asked by several people what I do personally, so I am only offering the information as to what I DO.)


As time passes and more research emerges, we are finding more and more HEALTHY and NATURAL ways to care for ourselves during this “health crisis.”

There are currently 2 medical studies on essential oils for the prevention and treatment of C-19. I am attaching links to these should you like to read them yourself.

Prophylactic and active treatment Protocol:

  • Vitamin C 1000mg every hour or 2 until loose stool. (Or 5000mg daily in divided doses)

  • Vitamin D 20,000iu the first 2 days and then 10,000iu days 3-6 and Then 5000iu daily.

  • Zinc (w/Quercetin) 100mg daily for 6 days.

  • Oregano pills (either purchased supplements OR made from Essential oils- 2 drops of Oregano in a capsule with coconut oil 1-2 times daily) (Oregano is an antiviral and can kill Covid viral components)

  • 0.5% iodine gargle and nasal rinse

10ml/cc of saline and 0.5ml (1/2tsp) 10% of iodine.

Gargle for 30 seconds and rinse

Using a Neti pot, rinse nasal passages daily for preventative. OR- any time you think you may have been exposed. Rinse 2-3 times a day while actively ill or every 4 hours whichever is needed. **If Iodine allergy, substitute Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Pink or Grey Himalayan Sea Salt for additional minerals

Binaural Beats: The science behind binaural beats occurs naturally in the brain. A different sound (tone) frequency is sent to the left and right ears through headphones. Upon hearing the two different frequencies, the brain interprets one consistent, rhythmic frequency, known as a binaural beat(s). The resulting frequency, interpreted by the brain, is the mathematical difference between the two frequencies sent to the left and right ears. The brain then follows along at this frequency and produces brainwaves of the same frequency. Entraining the brain through sound is beneficial for many different conditions, situations. The entrainment happens inside the brain and is caused by a physiological response. Upon hearing two tones of different frequencies – sent simultaneously to the left and right ears – the brain perceives a new tone, or third tone, as some refer to it, based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies. The brain then follows along at the new frequency and produces brainwaves at the same rate of Hertz (Hz), thus becoming “entrained” to that frequency. Hertz (Hz) is the way we measure a cycle of sound. 1 Hertz means one vibration cycle per second

For example: If a 200 Hz sound frequency is sent to the left ear, and a 205 Hz frequency to the right ear, the brain will perceive a new frequency at 5 Hz – the difference between the two.

The brain then follows along at the new frequency (5 Hz), producing brainwaves at the same rate of Hertz (Hz). The technical term for this process is ‘Frequency Following Response'. The brain will only respond in the intended way if it receives the sound frequencies at the same time through headphones.

Viral binaural beats YOUTUBE VIDEO:

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