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Biofeedback - Are You Out of Balance?

 Quantum Biofeedback is a technique in which people can improve their health by using signals from their own body. Each organ, energy meridian, chakra, and emotion possess a characteristic pattern. (A distinctive electro-Magnetic wave.) Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual dysfunctions disturb these energy patterns. Healing can take place through energetic intervention. Electro-magnetic wave-forms stimulate the body's own healing mechanism.


Speech is a complex process. It involves communication between the brain and various organ systems. The end result is a vibration of frequencies known as your voice. Your voice changes according to your mind, body and spiritual state.  Your own voice pattern can be an indicator of your own health and vitality. This vocal code can be analyzed and interpreted to provide feedback about the condition of the body. 

The biofeedback program analyzes voice frequency and then feeds the corrective wave forms and patterns back into the body. It does this by recording vibrations and signals coming from all parts of the body like organs, body systems and cells.

All living organisms have an electrical field which changes based on whether the cells are healthy or diseased. The electrical currents run along channels. (Meridians) When the body becomes unbalanced it is because of a “short-circuit”. By applying the correct electrical stimuli, we can jump start the body to begin its own innate or natural healing. 

Electro-Magnetic energy radiates from all body cells. This energy can be measured. This energy allows cells to communicate with each other using different wavelengths. Bioelectrical input signals passed though healthy or unhealthy tissues have different discernible outputs. Healthy improvements were found when the disease-causing signal was inverted and fed back though the body! 

The Debby Downer Effect

The people around you can affect you with their vibrations. Energy can affect energy! Haven't you ever been around someone that was so negative they just brought you down? They "stole your joy" just because they were such a negative presence? Conversing with people like this for extended periods can adversely effect you. The voice produces a very complex waveform pattern which contains frequency and that person's current state of being.

How can your cell phone/tablet do this?

Cell phones use satellite technology that was considered “Star Trek-ish” just 20-25 yrs ago. Your cell phone emits radio frequency waves. (It has long been used to audibly track you.) Ultrasonic cross-device tracking. High frequency tones you can't hear in ads, webpages and physical locations. These “ultrasonic beacons” emit an audio sequence with almost ANY device microphone like those accessed in an app, on a smart phone or tablet. If it can do that.... Why can't it emit frequencies to correspond with your body?

What should I expect from a session?

I utilize the Quantum iNfinity Biofeedback program. (Q.I.)

To begin a session I will need your full name, DOB, and to take your picture. I will also ask that you recite the VOWELS and state your full name (A,E,I,O,U - John DOE) so the app can record your voice frequency.

It then runs an initial scan.

After the scan is complete, we will determine the areas to pursue based on your needs and most pressing symptoms/issues. It is important that you are aware this program is SUPPLEMENTARY! It allows for an “awareness”. It is NOT diagnostic

AWARENESS is the first step towards healing.

The Q.I. biofeedback device uses a sophisticated software and wave generator to provide the body’s energy field with a healthy vibration that supports and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. The program:


 The Q.I. analyzes the human body based upon their unique voice imprint.


The Q.I. balances the body using audible sound tones and electromagnetic frequencies.


The Q.I. provides you with an awareness of the issues that may be causing stress to your body. Conscious and Subconscious. From birth we are taught to suppress our emotions and feelings. Suppression can lead to illness. Awareness provides us with the opportunity to address these issues and begin a healing process.

Biofeedback is not like taking an antibiotic. You don’t do it for a few days/weeks and then you are all better. Our thoughts and emotions can affect our health adversely and these change constantly.

Biofeedback complements the practitioner by offering "snippets of information" about your health. Often, when using the Q.I. program the "Ahh, now why didn't I think of that before" moment is experienced. This program allows you to gain insight into your current state of health and then work to correct these energetic disturbances using energetic tones and signatures. It is important to have follow up sessions regularly. Initially it may take several sessions in conjunction with essential oils, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, oil inhalers and/or raindrop technique.

The Quanta Capsule App can be purchased and downloaded for remote sessions. This is a great option for:

  • People who live outside of the practitioners area.

  • Those who aren't able to travel or have mobility issues.

  • For those wanting a simple targeted balancing while on the go.

  • Provides increased flexibility in your schedule.

If you would like more information or to schedule a session, let me know!


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